Finding Guidance


Determining to begin my January portion of my happiness project, I went looking for the guiding tome, Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project.  I read it several months ago and, knowing I wanted to follow through with doing my own version at some point, put it under the edge of my bed with the rest of my “to be read” or “read and really liked so want to keep” books.  At least I thought I did.

Of course, it wasn’t there, and I ended up ripping apart my books piles and bookshelves trying to find it.  Find it, I did, however.  Then I was faced with the herculean task of putting the shelves and piles back together.  Which I did.  Haphazardly.  Until another day.

On to the January portion of the project.  The goal for January is:  Boost Energy:  Vitality.  This includes the following items:

(a)  Go to sleep earlier.  Oh, how I would love to go to sleep earlier.  Especially tonight, when I have a cold and just want to snuggle down under the covers and shut out the world.  If I could actually get to bed by 10pm most nights, I would be oh so happy.  That would give me a solid eight hours per night, which I’ve found over the years simply makes me a nicer person to be around.

(b)  Exercise better.  I’m not really sure what “better” is supposed to man.  I am absolutely not going to be one of those crazy people who says they’re going to work out for two hours every day (been there, done that, never going back).  I just want to be healthy, so I’m going to shoot for three to four yoga classes a week.  If I can do that, I’ll feel good.  And if I cannot accomplish that every week, I’m going to give myself a break.

(c)  Toss, restore, organize.  This is a must.  I’ve let my files, my books, my magazines, my photos, my projects, my everything, get totally out of control in the name of not having the time.  I need to make the time.  I need to make the time so that I’m not wasting time trying to find things.  So, tomorrow I will put my book piles and book shelves back together.  And then I will move on to my office.  Then my closets – clothing, gifts that I’ve purchased and forgotten about, crafts projects started and never finished (I need to be honest with myself about whether I ever will finish them, and if not, throw them out).  My child’s outgrown and out of season clothing.

(d)  Tackle a nagging task.  I don’t know which task I’ll choose.  Perhaps I’ll combine (c) and (d) when cleaning/organizing/culling through the paperwork in my office.

(e)  Act more energetic.  I think this will follow naturally from getting more sleep and exercising better.

Today I’ve found my guidance and set some goals.  Tonight I’ll begin implementing those goals.  And tomorrow I’ll put my books in order.

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