First Things First …

Here I am, halfway through the month of January, and I am finally feeling better.  I still sound like I’m trying to cultivate a Kathleen Turner sound, but my cough is starting to go away and I’m upright.  It’s a start.  Since I spent a great deal of time over the past two weeks prone, either in bed or on the couch, I’ve had a lot of time to think about what makes me happy.

I’ve come up with two things that make me deliriously happy.  The first is writing.  I’ve written since I was a child, from my first attempts at a play (“The Poolside,” which my mother still has somewhere), to journals both assigned and self-motivated, to research papers and memos and briefs during my law career.  It all makes me happy.  I love researching and learning, then synthesizing it through my brain and churning out something new, something organically grown from my thoughts and opinions.

Hence, this blog was born.

The second thing I discovered this week has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it’s solved a dilemma I’ve wondered at for virtually my entire life.  That crease in your hair when the elastic band holding up your ponytail is removed.  Any woman who has ever had long hair knows what I’m talking about; the crease that makes it virtually impossible to go from ponytail to hair down without looking like you had a drunken run in with the hot rollers.  Consequently, I rarely put my hair up anymore unless I know I’m headed straight for the shower.  About the only time I put it in a pony is during yoga or some other type of workout.

Then I discovered Kitsch hair ties.  I realize I’m probably pretty late to this party, as there are several companies out there that boast ribbon, tug-less, hair ties, but since I only recently discovered them, I’m going to pretend I’m finding out about something new and exciting.  I received a few of them as a gift and put  my hair up one morning while doing the dozens of loads of laundry that had accumulated during my flu.  That night I pulled out hte tie when getting into bad and noticed that my hair remained as straight as it had been that morning; not a kink in it.  I was sold.

And now that I have a great ponytail holder in my arsenal, I just need to get myself organized enough to get back to the yoga studio so I can begin working on my January goals.  Maybe tomorrow …

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