Hair Nirvana

Something else that makes me happy.  I have found hair nirvana.  I don’t mean a place, but an elixir that far surpasses any hair treatment I have ever used.  And I have used lots over the last 30 plus years that I’ve been doing my own hair.  I have found the kind of hair treatment that allows me to leave the shower, comb my hair and walk out of the house with wet hair.  When my hair dries, it does so without making me look as though I either fell into a vat of olive oil or stuck my finger into a socket.


Argan oil.  Specifically, Arganics by NuMe.

This stuff is precious.  It feels great to handle, smells wonderful, and doesn’t leave my hair greasy feeling or looking.  It tames the ends, smoothes the roots, and even when my hair air dries, leaves it looking smooth and shiny as if it’s just been blown dry.  If I do use a blow dryer, the drying time is about 5 minutes.  And I have long hair, well past my shoulders.

It’s pricey, I admit, but a bottle lasts about a year, even with my hair length.  When you consider that an average bottle of hair treatment costs $6-$8 and lasts about a month, it’s actually less expensive than a lot of other things you can buy to put in your hair.

For a woman who has spent many hundreds of hours drying her hair with a blow dryer over the course of a lifetime, this product is a life and time saver.

I love it.  Just sayin’.