Crazy Cats

Here is my crazy alpha cat, Bella, with her favorite vice, Puffs Plus Lotion tissues scented with Vicks. I don’t buy them because of what happens in this video.  Bella will stalk the grocery bags to get the tissues, but Ernie Hemingway likes them.  And most often loses them to the cat.

Meanwhile, my bunny kitty, Meadow has been reunited with food.  According to my grade-A awesome home visit veterinarian, it turns out that all the artificial tree-eating etc. was likely the result of Meadow not eating enough actual food.  Apparently, crazy alpha cat has been so successful blocking poor Meadow from the food that she was essentially starving to death while Bella was plumping up like a little balloon.  Meadow was down to 6.9 pounds when I called the vet.  I was at my wits’ end, so I decided to stop messing around with the dry food and separating the two when they were eating.  I gave in and bought a few cans of Friskies wet food.

Meadow loves it; Bella hates it.

One month later, Meadow has gained a pound and is happily eating again.  She’s rediscovered her favorite sleeping spot in Ernie Hemingway’s office, and she’s letting me get near her again.


Bella is eating more dry food than ever, apparently resulting in some body image issues.


The Biggest Mystery of All


Love…it’s what we all want, what makes us feel secure, what makes us at our best. True love, the good kind, that is. Not the obsessive kind that we all sort of fall into when we’re teenagers and hormones rule our lives, but the kind that makes you want to be your best, makes you feel safe and cherished.

Love is also the biggest mystery life has to offer. How we find it, how it works, how we keep it. We spend our lives trying to unravel the mysteries of love, and for many, today marks the annual celebration of that wonder. Of course, others just pull the covers up over their heads, groan and say “NOT AGAIN!”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all, however you choose to mark the day.

Candy Greatness

I must give a should out to the two treats that have become my new favorites.

The first is Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels, made in Vermont by Big Picture Farm.  Creamy, soft, smooth, and not too sticky (no lost fillings or crowns from these bad boys).  Delicious!

The second item – just in time for Valentine’s Day! – is Hershey’s Kisses filled with Cherry Cordial Creme.  I’ve always love cherry cordial candies, but I’ve never been particularly fond of the chewy, kind of stale tasting fruit in the middle.  It’s instead been more about the gooey sweet syrup and how it transports me back to childhood.  These candies are simply divine – no pesky cherry to deal with, simply the runny, almost fondant-like pink syrup inside a candy almost universally beloved.  The first bag I brought  home disappeared inside 48 hours – a record for me, as I’m well known among my family and confidantes for my ability to pick up one oven-warm Toll House cookie, eat it, and simply not eat another.  That  might not sound like a big deal, but among foodies like my family and friends, that’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Recollections from “The Blizzard”

I am not what anyone would call a great photographer, but I wanted to post some photos from the aftermath of the Northeast Blizzard of 2013 that has pummeled the northeastern US over the last 36 hours.

Now to head out and rescue my child from the 4 foot snow drifts created by my husband snow blowing for the last 3 hours ….

photo 1-3
Pine trees behind the house
photo 3-3
Front yard towards the street
photo 2-1
Buried swing set
photo 1-1
Sight upon opening front door this morning
photo 4-1
Winter wreath on front door
photo 3-2
Impassable kitchen door to driveway
photo 3-1
Buried back deck

Five Years in a Flash

Five years ago today, I became mother to the most amazing, sweet, funny, beautiful little boy. Five years in, I daily marvel at what a truly awesome gift his presence in my life is. Watching him grow has been and is the greatest gift I’ve ever received and the most beautiful journey I’ve ever taken, or could ever hope to take. Happy Birthday, my little man!


February: Remembering Love


According to my magical happiness tome and my spiritual diva guide, Gretchen Rubin, February is the month to Remember Love.  Her suggestions for working on her marriage are categorized as follows:

a) Quit nagging. This is pretty self-explanatory, and I’ve actually been doing this fairly successfully for a while. I find I’m much happier when I just let go and take care of myself and my actions, rather than worrying about what everyone around me is doing.  I try to look at it as successfully managing my stress levels. The more I nag, the more my blood pressure rises and the higher my anxiety goes, so I stopped. Mostly. After all, nobody’s perfect.

I wasn’t sure how my little experiment was going to go as there was a part of me that viewed my inability to motivate action with my nagging as a sort of personal failure. Occasionally I think if my husband truly loved me he would do as I asked instead of ignoring me.  Am I alone in having that thought once in a while? Probably.  Nevertheless, I decided to try not nagging for a week and see what happened. The funny thing is the very things about which I had been nagging him began happening – WITHOUT ME EVEN HAVING TO OPEN MY MOUTH!

I gave it another week and got similar results. So I’ve kept my experiment going for a few months now, and I’m finding that more gets done when I keep my mouth shut and just take care of my own business. When I nag, not a whole lot gets done. It’s quite liberating, and I know my husband appreciates it because he smiles a lot more.

b) Don’t expect praise or appreciation. I’m pretty good with this. I keep my house clean for me, not for anyone else. I do the laundry not because I want people to be appreciative of the fact that they have clean clothes, clean towels and clean sheets, but because I want clean clothes, towels, and sheets, and it’s just as easy to do everybody else’s stuff when I do my own. Plus, I want my child and my husband to look neat and clean, but again, that’s my issue, not theirs. It’s taken me many years, but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m OCD about my living space, and the craziness I impose is for myself alone. Consequently, I don’t expect a thank you when I clean up the kitchen after dinner or put clean clothes in their drawers. I do things because I want to, not because I want people to thank me. It’s just how I roll.

c) Fight right. Many years of dysfunctional relationship and lots of psychoanalysis during my teens, twenties and into my thirties has made me hyper-aware of how to fight so that it’s constructive instead of destructive. There are certain lines you just don’t cross, even with a spouse, or perhaps especially with a spouse. Children grow up watching their parents interact, which includes sometimes disagree or fight, and I don’t want my child to learn bad communication and interaction habits from me. I want him to learn how to cherish the people he loves, and if there is a disagreement, how to resolve it in a way that both parties feel heard and appreciated.

Of course, nobody’s perfect, so this will be an on-going project for the rest of my life. After all, I’m only human.

d) No dumping. Finally, something I’m great at! I don’t dump anything on my husband because I know he’s got his own concerns and stresses at work, plus a whole host of other weighty things on his mind. Consequently, unless it’s something really important or something that requires his counsel, such as decisions regarding our child’s education or medical care, I talk to my girlfriends, my sister, my mother, and leave that stressful part of my life behind when hubby walks through the door. He doesn’t need to hear how I’m wondering if I’m a bad mother because I don’t arrange enough playdates or because I do too much for our son.

e) Give proofs of love. This is hard because we’re both so busy, but that’s no excuse. A quick hug and kiss in the morning, a note tucked into his wallet, a brief touch just to say “Hi, I’m here,” can make all the difference in the world, can easily brighten a day. I know my husband sometimes feels – like every other man whose wife is preoccupied with preschool age children – that I’m distracted and am so focused on our son that I take him for granted and forget about him, so I need to change that. I’m going to start hugging more; hugging relieves stress, after all, and boosts feelings of closeness. Everybody can use less stress and more feelings of closeness. I’m also going to figure out a way for us to spend some more time alone, other than late evenings after our little guy is asleep.

I can’t forget why I fell in love with my husband in the first place. After all, the life I have now, the life I love, my miracle boy … none of that would have happened without my husband. So I devote the month of February to showing my husband just how much he means to me.