Crazy Cats

Here is my crazy alpha cat, Bella, with her favorite vice, Puffs Plus Lotion tissues scented with Vicks. I don’t buy them because of what happens in this video.  Bella will stalk the grocery bags to get the tissues, but Ernie Hemingway likes them.  And most often loses them to the cat.

Meanwhile, my bunny kitty, Meadow has been reunited with food.  According to my grade-A awesome home visit veterinarian, it turns out that all the artificial tree-eating etc. was likely the result of Meadow not eating enough actual food.  Apparently, crazy alpha cat has been so successful blocking poor Meadow from the food that she was essentially starving to death while Bella was plumping up like a little balloon.  Meadow was down to 6.9 pounds when I called the vet.  I was at my wits’ end, so I decided to stop messing around with the dry food and separating the two when they were eating.  I gave in and bought a few cans of Friskies wet food.

Meadow loves it; Bella hates it.

One month later, Meadow has gained a pound and is happily eating again.  She’s rediscovered her favorite sleeping spot in Ernie Hemingway’s office, and she’s letting me get near her again.


Bella is eating more dry food than ever, apparently resulting in some body image issues.