The World’s Biggest Book Club

Have you heard of Danielle LaPorte yet?

If so, you’re going to love this!  If not, let me explain a little about who she is and why you’re going to LOVE her book, The Desire Map.

Danielle LaPorte is the outspoken creator of The Desire Map, author of The Fire Starter Sessions (Random House/Crown), co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, and soon-to-be publisher of DANIELLE Magazine, launching in early 2014. You can learn even more about her and get a taste of her message on her website here:

On January 7, 2014 at a location to be determined in or around Natick, Massachusetts, I’ll be hosting a book club event as part of Danielle’s World’s Biggest Book Club. The focus of this book club event is to gather around the idea of desire, setting goals with soul and embracing gratitude as a practice. We’ll be coming together in communion and conversation to dig a little deeper and get clear about how we want to feel in the New Year.

I’d love for you to join me at the event as it really wouldn’t be the same without you. If you are interested, let me know in a comment to this post and I will add you to the list as well as send you all of the details about the event. It’s going to be fun!

I hope I get to meet some of you in person!


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