The Majesty of Thanks

2013-07-27 12.43.46
True Majesty: American bald eagle in flight, July 2013

As I begin the great Thanksgiving cook-fest, with the feast looming less than twenty-four hours in my future, I thought I’d wipe off my hands on the dish towel and turn from the stove for a few moments to give thanks.

I am thankful for any of you who are reading this. You are the reason I write, and your views and comments are the reason I keep coming back. I have found a community among you, and I am thankful that you have chosen to take a few minutes out of your busy and full lives to read my blog. Thank you for giving me the honor of your attention, and for anyone who follows me, thank you for your support. For anyone who has commented, thank you for your time and willingness to reach out to a stranger. I appreciate it more than I can ever express. It is what keeps me writing day after day.

I am thankful for my husband, my love. As individuals, he and I are not perfect, but together we are Perfect. We complement one another and our two wholes fit together to make a complete unit. I love our life. All of the amazing things we’ve done and been to one another, and all of the wonderful things we see in our future, each moment of each day … I am thankful for them all.

I am thankful for my son. My amazing little miracle boy. He is the child I desperately wanted but was told I’d likely never have. He is the light of my life, the sweetness and perfect love that fills my days. He inspires me to be a better person, a better parent. He may drive me crazy at times and push my buttons more than anyone ever has or ever will, but none of that really matters. At the end of the day, he is bliss, and I am the luckiest woman on earth to be able to share him with the universe. Every night before I go to sleep, I tiptoe into his bedroom and lay a kiss on his perfect little boy temple, whispering into his ear, “I love you, angel.” I am thankful that I have been given the gift of being able to do that.

I am thankful for my parents. My mother and father wanted nothing but the best for me, and for my entire life they pushed me to achieve so that I could overcome any obstacle, climb any mountain. With their unwavering support and unflinching honesty as my base, I forged onward to create my dreams. Even when I put my law career behind me, they supported my decision to stay at home raising my son. Now they support me in my quest to build a new space for myself. They were inspirational and tough parents, and I am blessed to have them.

I am thankful for my sister. I was an only child until I was twelve, but I always wanted a sister. I still remember waiting for her to be born, watching television in the hospital waiting room. I was so anxious, but when the staff brought her out of the delivery room in the isolette and allowed me to hold her little hand through one of those holes, it was breathtaking, a sucker punch to the gut. I stroked her palm with my pinky finger, and she closed her tiny fist around it. In that moment, my life changed forever. I had a sister, and I was instantly and forever madly in love with her. To watch my sister grow up into a strong and kind woman has been one of the best journeys I’ve ever taken. I see her now, and she inspires me, teaches me. Her convictions, her morality, her ideals. She makes me want to be a better person, and I could not have a better sister if I had custom ordered her from the heavens.

I am thankful for my step-daughters. Crazy though they may have made me at times, they have also brought me joy and pride as I’ve watched them grow from sullen teenagers – because after all, aren’t all teenagers sullen?! – into beautiful and accomplished young women. Having them in my life has taught me many things about love and commitment, and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share some part of their lives with them.

I am thankful for my friends. Without my friends, none of whom I see nearly often enough, I would be a poorer woman, indeed. My friends have given me support and unconditional acceptance, and allowed me into their lives, sharing their laughter and insight with me.

I am thankful for the life I have been given, and the beautiful, crazy and imperfectly perfect existence that I have been able to create from the raw materials.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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