Organize Me

One of my targets for 2014 is organization, namely with respect to my blog posts and getting draft articles written and out for submission. When I first started my blog, I tried keeping all my blog post ideas and social media tips in the same calendar as my off-line life, but it never really worked, and I found myself with pieces of folded up paper sticking out of my daily calendar and sticky notes with frayed edges falling out into the depths of my massive purse.

To avoid the general craziness of last year that resulted in me posting much less than I wanted to and missing out on a whole host of opportunities, I decided to go with two calendars, as much as it makes me cringe. It reminds me of the days when I was practicing law and had two calendars, a phone and a Blackberry. I was always pulling out the wrong calendar or picking up the wrong vibrating device, sometimes to comical result.

My personal calendar is simple, just the days of the week with a month view to keep track of The Boy’s activities and the various appointments the remainder of family needs to keep, plus exciting stuff like the dates of recycling and yard waste pick up.

For my blog calendar, however, I decided on an engagement calendar with selections from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda for inspiration. I’m hoping I won’t need any inspiration other than my wildly exciting life, but I figured it couldn’t hurt since the word I’ve chosen to symbolize my journey in 2014 is “truth.”

The calendar is spiral bound because I really need something that can lay open level. Each page features a week on one side with a calming and thought-provoking photo and quote on the facing side. Of course, I only see that lovely photo briefly before I cover it with my sticky notes.

photo 1

I have five different color sticky notes that I use. I keep them as a running tally of what I need to do each week and what’s been done. I love sticky notes because I can move them from week to week as the tasks remain undone, yet leave them behind when their work is finished. Plus, they appeal to the aesthete in me and they’re so pretty…

Sorry, I fell down an office supply rabbit hole there for a moment.

I use colored flags to keep track of what posts I plan during the week. If I get the post written and published, I leave the flag on the day; if not, I just move it to the next day or week. The trick to keeping myself honest is using different colors each week, that way I know when I’m running behind. Being an anal retentive type A personality, if I see another color flag (or god forbid, two!) on my current week, it will drive me insane until I’ve finished the post and found that flag a permanent home.

photo 3

photo 2

I admit that my organization system is not very original or exciting, but it saves me from having either a book full of cross-outs and arrows or a calendar full of smudged pencil notes. The sticky notes are Super Sticky Post-It Notes that I buy in bulk at Staples, and the flags are from Semikolon, which I get at The Container Store – my spiritual home.

Someday I will need more colors of sticky notes…right? No way! I am living for the day when I will need a professional organizer to keep track of guest posts, advertising budgets, monthly statistics and the like, but for now, this works. Plus, it’s pretty to look at.


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