Love Letter to Ernie Hemingway


My husband, the man whom I call Ernie Hemingway on this blog, is the love of my life, my rock and my soft landing. So on this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write him a love letter.

Dear Ernie:

Why do I love you? I love you because you are my best friend and you make my world spin. When I am with you, everything is as it should be, and my senses all work on overtime. When I’m not with you, I feel as if I am walking through a bank of clouds. The worst day with you is better than the best day I’ve ever had in my life. The sun sines brighter when you are next to me, and when you’re not, I cannot wait for you to get to me so I can share every detail with you of the time we have spent apart. You listen to all my stories and vignettes, even the most mundane, and your reaction to the retelling makes everything seem just a little more exciting than it really was.

You make me laugh and smile like nobody else ever has, and when you are happy … oh, you have the most infectious laughter and smile. That happy smile reaches from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. You are smart and insightful, and you challenge me to be the best person I can be. You don’t care what my profession may be or what I do, as long as I am myself. You encourage me to dream, and then help me follow those dreams. You dream with me of our future together. There is never just you or just me – there is always us together as a unit. You are supportive of me and anything I might want to do 0 regardless of how hare-brained an idea might be. You encourage me to learn from you and the world at large, and you want to learn from me, as well. You are always willing to try anything once – although a lot of times it is only once.

I also love you because of how you are with your children and with other people. You are kind and gentle, and you try to be so very considerate of everyone, no matter how close or remote their connection to you may be. You want and try to help everyone, and even people who have hurt or betrayed you warrant nothing but consideration and respect from you. You are not a revenge seeker; instead, you live the maxim that a life well lived is the best revenge.

You understand things about me without my ever having to tell you; you intuitively know when I need coddling and protecting, and when I need a kick in the rear end to get me motivated. You are a wonderful listener and can make sense out of the craziest situation. You are quite adept at talking me down from any ledge on which I might end up, but more importantly, you help me learn how not to get there in the first place. You make me feel safe.

I love you because we share a strong faith and it grows as we take our journey through life together. I love that you allow yourself to experience with me things that are new for me, and to do so as though it is the first time for you, as well. I love you because you not only let me be myself, but demand nothing else, no pretense, no vanity. You help me accept myself and give of yourself fully, with the same lack of pretense and vanity you expect from me.

I love the fact that, in your opinion, the best night is a night spent with me. It doesn’t matter whether we are playing a game of Scrabble, watching a movie, reading a book, or just having a great conversation over dinner. I can’t say that you have no ego because just like everyone else, you do, but your ego doesn’t focus on the things that most others’ do. While others may want the biggest house, the biggest bank account, the most toys, the fanciest cars – all materials things to make others envious – you want to be loved and respected by everyone, but most of all by those whom you love.

You never mind being my foot warmer on a cold winter nights (and there have a been A LOT of those this winter!), and you put up with me burying my cold nose against your neck at any moment. You put up with – and I might even venture to say have become fond of – my cat (soon to be cats), and even confide to me in unguarded moments that you kind of like her. You will even get up with me in the middle of the night to turn off a light I’ve left on downstairs or to change the smoke detector battery, and you’ve saved me from myself on more than one occasion when the house alarm has sounded in the middle of the night, launching me into full-blown panic mode.

You make me feel loved and secure in our life together, and I try to reflect that back at you. I hope you know just how much you mean to me and how much I truly do love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling. ย Thank you for being my home.


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