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I’m jumping on the Bloglovin bandwagon.  I’ve been watching the progress of the platform, and as the popularity seems to be exploding, I’ll do my usual and jump on the train just as the last car is pulling out of the station, hanging on tight for dear life and swinging around wildly until I gain my footing.  🙂

Apparently I need to insert specific text into a post in order to claim my blog, so that’s the entire purpose of this post.  Thanks for indulging me.




Letting Go


I‘ve been having a lot of trouble letting go lately. No matter that I know I need to do it, I can’t seem to let go: of my anger towards people whom I believe are acting in ways to harm my family or who are acting so selfishly that harm to others is inevitable; of the unattainable perfectionism that often grabs me by the throat and threatens to shut down my breathing when I fight her; of myself. I know it‘s unhealthy to focus and obsess, but I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around letting go and relinquishing control. Read more

Zoe Emilie Giveaway

Zoe Emilie is a a fantastic jewelry and accessories website run by a former colleague of mine from my days working as an attorney for an international luxury brand. The site showcases a collection of pieces either hand picked to sell or handmade by the owner.  She often incorporates vintage elements into her designs. Zoe Emilie accessories are ones that we want to wear running around town or out at night.

The designer behind Zoe Emilie and another former colleague of ours (the brains and beauty behind Lillian and Alice) have joined forces for a gift card giveaway, plus free shipping.  Here’s how to enter: Read more