Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 1


Since the blogging goals I set for myself have been thrown so far off track by life, I decided to jump into April with both feet and join the Ultimate Blog Challenge and post new content each day. I can’t promise mind-blowing thoughtful and philosophical content each day, but I can promise that I will post something every day during the month of April, even if it’s just a selfie of me bashing my head into the nearest wall. Haha, I’m just kidding. I think.

For today, I like the idea of the fill-in-the-blank writing prompt: I can’t listen to ____________ without _____________. The thing that immediately comes to mind is music.

I love music. I am not musically inclined, and I cannot hold a tune to save my life. Really. I would be dead within five seconds if my ability to sing was the only standing between me and certain doom. But I love, love, love music. I have music on all the time, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It is the background noise of my life.

When my husband and I purchased our house in 2009, one of the little things that appealed to me was that the original builders of the house had built a music system throughout the house, even putting ceiling speakers all of the rooms and on the back deck. They had never activated the system, but it was all wired and ready to go. Within a few months of moving in, we had a technician come out and set us up with a Sonos music system, and voila! I had music piped throughout my house. I could listen to my iTunes music without headphones! This was around the time that Pandora radio was starting to gain traction, as well as iheartradio, so that only increased my music choices.

I have created my own Pandora station, a sort of personal mix tape. I turn the station on each morning when I return from dropping off The Boy at school and it stays on all day. I dance around the house doing my chores, writing, cooking. Anything that needs doing gets done to music. The really great thing is that I can control the rooms that play music, and each room can play different music, so the kids can each have their own blend of music in their bedrooms and Ernie Hemingway can have his blend of 60s and 70s tunes in his office or the basement “man cave.”

This past weekend I heard the song “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen; my immediate response was to start singing the lyrics to Weird Al Yankovic‘s parody “Another One Rides the Bus.” It occurred to me as I sang that I cannot hear the original song without substituting the parody lyrics for the original lyrics. Sick, twisted? Perhaps, but Weird Al was a fixture in my early teenage years, and my inability to separate the parody from the original only reinforces the importance of music in my life, especially my adolescence.

We all have a music soundtrack to our lives. Music is so powerful and creates such strength of reaction and emotion in us that it’s hard to imagine life without it, without the instant memory-maker feature it provides. There are songs that evoke strong memories for all of us, to the point of tears or laughter. There are songs that motivate us, songs that make us think and songs that make us feel sad.

I simply cannot hear music without feeling emotion. I could not go through life without feeling emotion. And I could never live without music.


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 1

  • Good luck with the challenge! I did it in January. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, although some days were tougher than others. After a week or so, it almost becomes habit. The first day in February that I didn’t post, it felt weird.


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