Muffin Tops (U.B.C. – Day 2)



My son has recently discovered coffee cake and coffee cake muffins. This may not seem important or exciting enough to warrant an entire blog post, but trust me when I say that prior to his discovery, my child ate nothing. His diet for the past couple of years has consisted entirely of bagels with peanut butter, french fries, pizza, plain pasta with Romano cheese, and any type of candy he could grab. Our pediatrician talked me down off the ledge on multiple occasions, reassuring me that it was a phase and it would pass.

So I was surprised by the development of his coffee cake muffin fetish. My youngest step-daughter and I both adore the coffee cake muffins made by our local grocery store, and about once a month I will buy four, sometimes slicing up mine and grilling up some wondrous buttery yumminess for breakfast. Our shared unadulterated lust for these muffins apparently convinced The Boy that he was missing out on something, so a few months ago he asked to try some. It was love at first bite. Now I buy them in bulk, as it’s his preferred breakfast food.

Watching him eat his muffin this morning, I was reminded of the muffin-top Seinfeld episode. While the whole muffin top idea didn’t work out for Elaine Benes, I still pine for an imaginary muffin top shop. “It’s crunchy, it’s explosive, it’s where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of, does its own thing.” Perhaps that’s the next chapter of my life. If only I could find something to do with the muffin stumps.


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