Hot Water (U.B.C. – Day 8)

Today I did not have much time to craft a post, as I was working out with the plumbing company the cost estimate for replacing our hot water heater. The heater started leaking last week, just a tiny bit, and as we had just had lots of rain, my husband thought it was a groundwater overflow. I had a bad feeling about it, but kept it to myself so as not to be labeled a dramatist.

The puddle increased in size over the weekend and by Monday morning I decided to put down towels so we could continue to use our showers and do dishes and laundry. The plumber came today and told me I was not a dramatist and that I should have trusted my instincts. The hot water heater is original to the house; it was built in 2001. My dad routinely tells me that most things last ten years and after that, every day it still works is like a gift from the heavens. At thirteen years old, this water heater owes us nothing.

The aggravation to put in a new one is what annoys me. The nice young man who came to look at the heater and do the estimate told me the tank is unlikely to burst, so I need not worry about potential flooding. I scheduled the install and cleanup is scheduled for next Monday, which is good. At least we won’t be paying for “emergency fees” on top of the replacement cost. The part that aggravates me is having to spend next weekend cleaning out the crap in my basement and moving it all out of the way.

Grrrr….. I’m going to start now. After I have a glass of wine.