Random Thoughts (U.B.C. – Day 12)

Saturday.  It’s one of those charged concepts.  Does it mean a day of relaxation or a day to get twice as much done around the house because my husband is home?  Usually the latter.  Yesterday was no different.

Starting out early because The Boy awakened us at 6:25am, I tried in vain to coerce him into slumbering longer.  I summarily informed him that if he was going to wake me so early, he was forbidden to speak with me until I had my coffee.  He seemed to grasp that he’d crossed a line and was remarkably silent until I’d sucked down two cups of java.

Ernie Hemingway and I then dragged a car full of books out of our garage and set about disposing of them.  We brought the whole bunch to a local bookstore where they proceeded to relieve us of about half of the bunch, then we drove to a second bookstore and they bought the rest.  It was such a wonderful feeling to unload that much junk in one car trip!

Our garage is full of books.  I have an online business and I sell books of all sorts.  New, used, rare, common, literary criticism, mystery, chick-lit, fiction, non-fiction, trashy beach novels, paperbacks, hardcovers…. You name it, there’s a really good chance I have it.  Of course, the down side to running a business is that I keep most of my inventory in my garage and sometimes that gets a little cluttered.


Dealing as we have been since September with the fallout from my father-in-law’s death, inventory control has gotten a little dicey and we’ve gotten overrun with stuff that I would normally dispose of within a few days.  Consequently, I have a large area (about the size of a regular-sized parking space) filled with that type of junk.  I have so many other things that I need to be doing and would rather be doing on any given day that it’s easy to procrastinate dealing with it.  However, each and every spring, I get motivated to clean out, so since the last two days have been beautiful and sunny, yesterday was my designated day to clean.

The feeling of lightening my load yesterday by getting rid of so much junk has energized me more, so I’ll be continuing with the cleaning and organizing tasks as we head on towards the summer.  My goal is the presently junk-occupied space clear and set for car parking by September when the weather starts to turn again.

Think I can do it?

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