What I’ve Learned in a Month (U.B.C. – Day 30)

What I've Learned

Here it is:  the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I’ve spent the last month ensuring that I posted some content each day, and it’s been a learning experience in many ways, some good, others not so much.  To make it a little easier on myself because it’s late, I’m tired, and I’ve got a sick 6 year-old sleeping next to me, I’ve put all the lessons learned in list form.

1.  There are a lot of really amazing bloggers who are making the whole blogosphere awesome.  I have been humbled and honored to connect with some fantastic women and writers.

2.  I’m not going to be an every day blogger.  At least not at this point in my life.  I have too much other stuff going on that demands my attention, and I just don’t have the systems in place yet that allow me to write a fantastic post in 15 minutes.  Yet.

3.  Some days I’m better at writing and being creative than others.  Some days it’s easy for me to sit down at the kitchen island and pound out 500 or more words about any random topic, while other days it is a chore for me to post a favorite recipe.  Maybe I’m alone in that, but I tend to think I’m not.

4.  I really need to find a blog niche, something other than general.  I’m all over the map, and I don’t feel like that’s a good place to be.  At least not right now.

5.  I need to spend more time working on my book so I can get the revisions to my agent.

6.  Blogging is wholly different than writing fiction.

7.  It’s okay to be envious, as long as you use that emotion to better yourself and your craft.

8.  There are a lot of trolls out there in cyberspace.  These people will say anything to get a reaction, including criticizing you for the very thing they themselves are doing.  They’re not all crazy people hiding behind a keyboard.  Sometimes they’re people you know.

9.  Jealousy is a really ugly emotion.  See #8 above.

10.   Don’t lie to yourself above #1-9.

That is what I have learned in a month.


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