Transformation, Mile Marker 1.0


Last night I started the first book on that insane list, Chakras for Beginners by David Pond.  The extent of my knowledge at the beginning of this journey is that there are seven chakras and they have to do with life balance.

I don’t know the names of all the chakras, but I know some from a regular yoga practice about the Third Eye chakra, the Root chakra, the Sacral chakra, and the Crown chakra.  I guess that’s as good a place as any to start.

According to the first chapters of the book, the book will show me how to align my energy using the chakra system so that I can achieve balance in my life from the inside out, i.e., if my inner world is balanced, then my outer world balance will fall into place.

I like the sound of that.

So where am I on my balance journey?  I know I’m unbalanced.  I don’t need a book or chakra expert to tell me that.  I have anxieties and phobias, I experience feelings of insecurity and jealousy, I sometimes have trouble setting and keeping boundaries.

I have moments where my creativity stops short like a driver who decides at the last minute to hit the brakes instead of run the just-turned-red light.  I have moments where I can’t get out of my own way.

I can be petty and resentful, and I sometimes act in ways that make me ashamed of myself.  Although I want to be better at balancing my emotions and my inner life, my stress levels and the frequency with which my back, shoulders and neck seize up tells me I’m not so good at it.

I am, after all, human, and as such, I am inherently flawed.  I want to stop doing all that, however.  I want to be balanced.  Ergo, the acquisition of this particular title!

So, with my limited chakra knowledge in hand, I’m taking the leap to a more balanced me.  Care to join me?


PS – I also updated the list to include a few titles I found in the Ernie Hemingway keeps next to his side of the bed.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to make it a full family experience.  Check out the updated list here.




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