Transformation, Mile Marker 1.2


Here I begin part two of my exploration of the body’s chakra energy system. As previously mentioned, my review is cursory and greatly abbreviated. Although I’m hoping for some clarity and “self-improvement,” I’m just curious to see what happens as I make my way through all the self-help and life coaching books I’ve got cluttering my bedroom reading area.

Without further ado, I’ll dive right into an examination of chakras five, six, and seven.

Throat Chakra:

The fifth, or throat, chakra, is located in the throat and is the voice of creative expression. The associated color is blue, and the predominant drive is creativity, to find your voice and speak your truth.

Imbalance in the throat chakra manifests as opposing people and ideas just because you have the right to, which in turn attracts further challenge from others. It can also manifest as inappropriate creativity (a/k/a deception for perceived self-benefit), an inability to express yourself, feelings of inadequacy and being an outsider, as well as an inability to handle the energy of the collective.

Balance in the fifth chakra shows in always looking at life with fresh eyes and being secure in your creative identity. Self-knowledge at the fifth chakra level results from finding your voice. To find your voice, you must be willing to question everything you previously believed. Questioning leads to opening of the throat chakra, experienced as a quickening of energy, first felt as nervousness and free-floating anxiety that makes you jittery and leads to further questions.

A balanced fifth chakra allows you to see all truth as relative to what is known, and to be continually open to learning more.

The author points out that as the fifth chakra opens, your tolerance for superficial activities decreases and your desire to spend quality time alone increases. He also suggests that creatives use balance in the throat chakra to break through creation blocks.

Third Eye Chakra:

The sixth chakra, or the third eye, is located at the brow between your eyes. The associated color is indigo blue, and the primary motivation is transcendence, or intuition.

Balance in the sixth chakra is experienced as a rise above polarity, allowing you to detect a larger flow of reality and the blossoming of intuition, a strengthening of faith, and the ability to readily adapt to situations beyond your control. Balance can also be a sense of knowing that your current path is aligned with your true path.

Imbalance in the third eye may manifest itself in over-reliance on drugs or alcohol, which can create a false third eye experience, a belief that you are unique and above others, guilt, being “spaced out,” or allowing yourself to be engulfed by fear.

The author suggests assessing the quality of your energy. Observe fluctuations in your energy field while engaging your imagination; do you feel depletion of energy or enhancement of energy? Developing a spiritual practice will help you find the ability to see the divine in all things.

Once you have developed and opened your sixth chakra, you will see and feel the larger life force of which you are part. You will learn to trust your intuition – a type of knowing beyond strategic thinking – and see that which inspires you. You will be able to direct your imagination.

Crown Chakra:

The seventh, or crown, chakra, is located at the top of your head. The associated colors are violet and white, and the primary motivation is spirituality, to experience the divine.

Each of us has a purpose, and when you awaken the seventh chakra, you can choose to accept the purpose you find and thereby tap into the inexhaustible energy you find in that acceptance. If the path you are surrendering to fills you with inspiration and brings you closer to your higher self and the divine, trust it.

If, on the other hand, the path you are on does not fill you with inspiration, wait for the real thing because imbalance in the seventh chakra is dangerous. and can lead to a life anchored in a separate reality not integrated with the world around you. Imbalance also lead to a so-called “shopping list” mentality, by which you are busy trying to direct your life to how you want it rather than surrendering to the divine and accepting your true path.

Surrender to the divine must be complete. However, it is important to remember that surrender does not mean sacrifice; it means no fear, only freedom from restricting and limiting views of reality. You must have faith that the divine knows best and that neither you nor anybody you love will be hurt by you following your highest path.

You must learn to own your feelings and not rationalize them. For example, don’t say “I’m angry because… .” Simply say, “I’m mad.” You need to live with inspiration as your motivation instead of living at odd with your real nature. Challenge yourself to live without frustration, without anger, without irritation. Visualize your desired outcomes and experience emotions as if the goodness you seek has already manifested itself. The chakras are nothing more than a council of seven, the collective wisdom of humanity, and by experiencing their various levels of consciousness, you will be able to live your truth.

The bottom line from all of this “knowledge” I’ve imbibed? Balancing the first four chakras seems like it might be a bit easier than balancing the last three. Learning about the chakras on an intellectual level is not the same as finding and experiencing balance in them; balance requires meditation.

So, I’m on to the next step on my path to a better something…learning how to meditate, and I hope balancing my chakras.


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