Happy Tuesday!  Here’s a riddle for you.  What am I?

I keep watch.  I am small and unobtrusive, ever-vigilant in my duty.

I know everything that goes on, hear your conversations.

I see your soaring heights and your deepest sorrows.

I know your darkest secrets, the things you don’t want anyone ever to know.

Because you forget about me, I don’t register for you.

Until you need me.

During the day, I am quiet and still.

I become part of the background.

At night, though, oh, that’s my time.

In the darkest hour, when you are at your most vulnerable, I attack.

That’s when you notice me, pay attention to me.

You coddle me, talk to me, beg for my passivity.

For a few minutes I have your undivided attention.

Then I go back to my sacred vigil.


What am I?



Answer:  A bedroom smoke detector.


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