It’s a loaded word.  The concept seems simple, but there is nothing easy about it.  Even speaking the truth can be fraught with triggers and uncertainty.

What if I speak my truth and somebody doesn’t agree with me?  What if speaking my truth makes somebody else angry, or makes them feel betrayed, hurt?   What if it makes other people uncomfortable?

News flash…

Speaking your truth WILL make somebody angry.  It WILL make somebody feel betrayed or hurt.  It WILL make some people uncomfortable.  There WILL be somebody who with doesn’t agree with your truth.

However somebody feels about you speaking and living your truth, it will be as a result of them not living your truth, but living their own truth, because truth is relative.

There is no universal “truth” when it comes to human beings.

Even accepted scientific fact can be skewed.  For example, we perceive that the sun rises and sets; actually, the earth rotates on its axis.  What appears as the rising and setting of the sun is just everybody’s spot on earth passing by the sun.

Each of us has our truth; it is different for every single person.  Even people who live through the same events have different truths.

Think about how vastly disparate is the “truth” told by the two people who have ended a relationship.  Figure in the observations of third parties and you’ve got a virtual tar pit of interpretation.  If you choose to get mired in the objective “truth,” you’ll be stuck for a good long time until somebody brings along some really excellent solvent.

Consider the differences in versions of the “truth” on opposite sides of a courtroom battle.  Bring witnesses in, and again, you’ll find yourself in need of that heavy duty solvent just to get your head above the muck and mire.

I have spent a lot of time over the last year or so figuring out, speaking and trying to live my truth.  I’ve been accused of being delusional, self-serving, and told that my truth is nothing but a pack of lies.  And, in a move I’m not particularly proud of, I’ve accused others of the same.

What I’ve learned is that each of us has a truth shaped by how we were raised, how we have experienced life.

I’ve also learned that it’s all okay, every little bit.

Truth lives in each of us. We all must live our journey, travel our path, create our story, and in so doing, experience our truth.

It doesn’t matter what your friend, neighbor, lover, spouse, child, local coffee barista, or enemy thinks your truth is.  It doesn’t matter what you think their truth is.  All that matters is that you know what your truth is and that you live it.

Give everyone else a cookie and send them on their way with a smile.MadnessofJoy-monogram



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