Starting Anew


Marie Curie once said that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Most people would agree that one of the scariest life events that anyone can experience is divorce.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Divorce can also be a gift. Divorce is an opportunity to rebuild your life according to YOUR vision, YOUR core desires, YOUR compass instead of what you’ve compromised on during your marriage.

Divorce – whether you have chosen it or whether it has trounced through your life unbidden – forces you to start over, to figure out who you are again. It’s like repeating adolescence, only without the raging hormones (or perhaps with the hormones, depending on how you decide to distract yourself from your feelings).

Think about it. Instead of having all your Sunday afternoons filled with activities you weren’t crazy about but that you engaged in just because your Ex enjoyed them, you can now call up your friends and go for a walk, go to a museum, maybe even try that new restaurant.  Maybe the Ex didn’t like going to the movies and spending money on popcorn, so you never took your kids, but now you are free to take them whenever you want, and even buy that giant tub of popcorn with butter!

You can try new recipes, keep foods in your refrigerator and cabinets that YOU like, and if there is a six pack of beer in the fridge, it’s the kind YOU like. The wine is YOUR favorite, and there is nobody to tell you that you should or shouldn’t have a glass.

When you get divorced, YOU get to decide what lessons you’ve learned, how your perspective will shift. Your Ex might be a complete ass, but you are free to focus on who YOU are.

You get to make the divorce merely one part of your history, not the defining part.

I’ve spent the better part of my life dealing with divorce: first, my mother’s when I was 5, then my own at age 33, and those of friends and family for most of the last ten years.  I was a practicing divorce attorney for part of my legal career, and I am a certified divorce coach.

My point is that I’m excellent at dealing with divorce and all the stuff the comes during and after it. I’ve lived through just about anything a divorce can throw at a person, and I’ve done all the messy work needed to heal and recover, and to help others do the same.  I am superb at helping others understand the gift that divorce can be.

So now I’m starting something new. Divorce coaching.

Although I’m slightly terrified of jumping into a new venture, I’m supercharged with energy and anticipation.

I am excited to create and offer live, virtual and self-paced events, and also one-on-one coaching programs. I am thrilled to be providing a space for women who are going through heartbreaking times to come to begin healing and finding out who they are going to be – all courtesy of the gift of divorce.

If you are interested in finding out more, please sign up below to be notified when my free course opens.

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