Important Work

Today’s task was clearing out the office on the first floor of my house, the one that my son uses for homework and school assignments. Sometimes I’ll sit in there and work with him, sometimes I’ll just sit and enjoy the silence during the bustle of my days.

Today it needed to be cleared so he could be there with his tutor.

Here’s what the room looked like before I cleared it out:

Not very office like.

Here’s what the office looked like when I was done:

Decidedly more like an office space.

The television that needs to be swapped out grates on my nerves, and there are just so many more books than I want stuffed onto the shelves.

It’s not perfect, but the floors are clean, the recycling is gone, the shelves are somewhat organized, the desk is clean and ready to receive a new assignment (even with the cat in the chair), my son’s balance boards are in the corner where nobody will trip over them, and it smells like oranges.

It’s a little zen haven in the middle of the chaos of our home.

Once I finished, I sat on the couch and closed my eyes for a quiet moment, recognizing that just like my little boy with ADHD, I need calm for my mind to function at its best. I sat and enjoyed the silence and then penned an essay on my mother’s Christmas bags.

My first essay in months.

It was as if the block was lifted for just a second, just long enough to let out the good stuff that has been stuck behind the barricade of junk and energy overload.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle something else. I don’t know what, yet, but I’m sure it will come to me through the small break left by today’s clearing.

Until then.