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What is The Madness of Joy all about?  Life, that’s what!

Life and all the twists and turns it takes along the pursuit of happiness and joy.

The queen bee at The Madness of Joy, Gailyc believes life should be lived with gusto and intention. She is a divorce and transformational coach when she’s not pondering the intricacies and wonders of life.

She likes to remind everyone–most of all herself–that no two journeys are alike and that empathy and kindness are the best weapons against intolerance, negativity, and hatred. Everyone takes missteps; the joy in life comes from learning and moving forward to create an even more amazing experience.  Figuring out how you want to feel and chasing those feelings is what it takes to make a joyful journey out of this one life we’re given.

Gailyc began practicing divorce law in 1997 and has represented women at all stages of divorce. She has helped women navigate the courts, negotiated settlements on their behalf, and counseled women (and men) on how best to traverse the often hostile terrain of divorce.

She has seen friends, family members, and clients make both good and bad decisions. She has watched some women pull themselves up to soar with pride and self-sufficiency, and she has seen others wallow in their own vision of themselves as a victim, never achieving the beautiful and productive lives that they deserve.

Gailyc’s mission is simple: to help women move through the trauma of divorce, from a deadlocked to divine life.

For more information about the services Gailyc offers, click here.

You can reach Gailyc via regular e-mail at themadnessofjoy [at] gmail [dot] com, and on Facebook or Twitter.

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